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Chris Davis, Southern Pines, NC

I’ve had the good fortune in life to be able to hunt a wide variety of locations for the past 35 years. For the last 4 years, I have chosen to be with Gregg Mallick. He is that good. Simply said, I would not be a repeat client if Gregg did not deliver. While we have not hit the limit every time, a day with Gregg is about more than that: the dogs, the game, the habitat, a meal shared, and the people. From reservations to recipes, both Gregg and his wife, Gail, go the extra mile to make the total experience a success. I have already booked for next year….you can’t have my week!

Dr. David Faulds, Louisville, KY


I have fished and hunted with a number of professional guides in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada over the past 20 years and I have found Gregg to be among the “best-of-the-best.” He is a very knowledgeable and experienced guide who can easily adjust to a variety of fishing and hunting conditions and situations. I have caught trophy sized muskies with him (check out the two on display at Sunrise Lodge) and have caught and released more walleye, bass, and northern pike than I can recall. Gregg provides the best fishing equipment on the market and his boat is one of the most comfortable I have fished from. 

George Fitzsimmons, Louisville, KY

Mallick Adventures is on the top of my list for the perfect Northwoods experience. Acquiring a guide for my recent trip was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Gregg was born and raised in the area so his knowledge of hunting and fishing is second to none. His unique approach and top-notch equipment are a recipe for success. If you are looking for an exciting fishing trip or an action-packed grouse hunting trip, all with beautiful photo opportunities, I highly recommend Gregg at Mallick Adventures and plan on booking with him in all my future hunting and fishing trips.

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