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Preparing for the 2024 Fishing Season: New Outdoor Apparel Picks

This is the first article in a series on apparel, equipment, and tips to make your 2024 fishing season more enjoyable and productive.

Many anglers overlook their apparel needs, yet having the appropriate fishing apparel in the boat and the right clothing to wear will greatly enhance your day on the water. There are a number of good outdoor attire manufactures, but over the years we have found that Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, L.L. Bean, and Eddie Bauer consistently lead the pack.

Weather conditions, particularly in the spring and fall, can be highly variable and require a wardrobe that will keep you comfortable in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 80 degrees. Your wardrobe should include clothing that will shade you from a sunny spring or summer day, yet dry during summer thunderstorms or fall snow squalls.

For the more rainy days on the water, I recommend the Simms Challenger Fishing Bib Overalls, found at Cabela's. With a price of $229.95, this bib is made with the finest quality materials on the market and features 2-layer protection that will keep you dry in the wettest conditions. The most notable features are the quick-access cargo pockets with drain holes and the hook and loop cuffs with long ankle zippers for easy on and off. With this breathable and durable bib, you are more equipped for a comfortable day on the water.

Another Simms product that I wear often is the Simms Challenger Fishing Jacket, mainly for its insulation and water-proof elements. This everyday-wear jacket is perfect for the spring, summer, and fall, but is also highly useful in the colder temperatures as it is easy to layer underneath your other jackets. I recommend you pair this jacket with the Simms Challenger Fishing Bib for maximum water protection and comfortability. For $229.99, you are getting a jacket that will last you a lifetime and is guaranteed to protect you from the elements .

Bass Pro Shops consistently provides some of my favorite bibs that I rely on when there is a surprise downpour. The Johnny Morris Bass Pro Shops Guidewear Elite Bibs brings maximum waterproof protection through their GORE-TEX technology that shines in spring like temperatures. These bibs are also suitable for colder days on the water when the weather drops below 40 degrees as they are durable enough to stack layers on top or underneath.

For the fishermen braving any type of weather condition, I recommend the Pathfinder GORE-TEX Shell Jacket from L.L. Bean. Crafted with precision and constructed with GORE-TEX technology, this jacket offers unparalleled protection against rain, wind, and snow, ensuring fishermen stay dry and comfortable when out on the water. Its roomy pockets provide ample storage for essentials, while the ergonomic design ensures unrestricted movement, crucial for casting and reeling in fish.

The Trail Model Rain Pants, also by L.L. Bean, are the perfect compliment to the Pathfinder GORE-TEX Shell Jacket, creating a cohesive weatherproof ensemble that is suitable for any angler. The Trail Model Rain Pants offer reliable defense against moisture, keeping fishermen dry even in the most torrential downpours through the seam-sealed construction. The breathable fabric ensures optimal ventilation to prevent overheating and moisture buildup for when the weather starts to rise, making these pants a versatile option that anglers can always have on hand. Together, these garments provide a barrier against rain, wind, and snow, allowing anglers to focus on their passion without worrying about inclement weather.

L.L. Bean also has many great options for essential pieces that are a great addition to any anglers wardrobe, namely, the Everyday SunSmart® Tee in Short-Sleeve. Designed with  lightweight insulation and moisture-wicking material, this tee is your go-to for those long summer days spent casting on the water. Engineered with SunSmart® technology, the fabric offers UPF 50+ sun protection, shielding anglers from harmful UV rays while keeping you cool and protected. The tee is only $39.95, with select styles on sale for $29.99 for a budget-friendly option that is made to last for years to come.

Another essential item from L.L. Bean is their Lightweight Base Layer Pants, which act as the first layer of defense against the elements for fishermen. These long-john style underwear are crucial in providing insulation without sacrificing mobility as they effectively trap body heat while wicking away sweat. The lightweight design allows for easy layering without adding bulk, making them an ideal choice for anglers who need to stay agile while casting and reeling. The Lightweight Base Layer Pants ensure a snug, yet warm and comfortable fit that are perfect for the fall fishing season, for only $29.99.

One of my favorite shirts to wear during the warmer months is the UPF Guide 2.0 Short-Sleeve Shirt from Eddie Bauer. Featuring FreeDry® moisture-wicking technology, FreeShade® UPF 50 rating, and AirSpace® fabric, this shirt has all the elements to keep you cool and shaded from the sun. Add this comfortable and versatile shirt to your collection for this upcoming summer fishing season.

Choosing what apparel to bring on a fishing outing is tough, especially when weather conditions can vary throughout the day, but with the above recommendations, you are sure to stay dry, cool, or warm depending on the season.

Greg Mallick pictured above wearing the Eddie Bauer UPF Guide 2.0 Short-Sleeve Shirt.

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