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Scenic view of Great Lakes, fall fishing destinations

Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan have long been recognized as two of the top ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting areas in the country. With miles of meandering brooks and streams and wilderness-like ponds surrounded by young poplar and mature balsam and spruce forests, the habitat is prime ruffed grouse and woodcock territory.


Recently, Wisconsin Travel Best Bets ranked Vilas County as the top grouse hunting destination in the state, and Woods-N-Water News, the most popular outdoor news publication in Michigan, ranked Gogebic County as one of the top two counties for ruffed grouse hunting in Michigan. Outdoor Life Magazine and The Ruffed Grouse Society annually name our area as one of the top hunting locations in the nation for these game birds.


In a typical day, our well-trained and mature springer spaniels will flush more than thirty partridge, offering a fast-paced and exciting shot-gunning adventure. With more than seventy-five years of experience, we can accommodate the needs of both the sophisticated and novice grouse hunter alike. So whether you prefer to casually walk the “ole logging roads” or venture into the bush, a day of partridge hunting will provide you with memories for a lifetime.

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Dog near Great Lakes in Wisconsin
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