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About Us

The reputation of Mallick Adventures builds on the guiding experiences and traditions of two prominent Northwoods families, the Mallicks and the Lapps. These families have a long and well-established reputation for guiding anglers and hunters dating back more than seventy-five years. 

Gregg’s grandfather, Pete, started guiding visitors to this area back in the 1940s. As his reputation spread, his clientele grew to include such well-known figures as Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, President of Notre Dame University, and many other prominent individuals from various walks of life.

With the increase in the number of visitors to the Land O’ Lakes area shortly after World War II, Gail’s uncle and father, Dick and Jack Lapp, responded to the growing demand from local lodges and resorts for expert fishing guides by leading fishing trips to the numerous local lakes.

In 1950, the Lapp family purchased the Maple Grove Resort on Lac Vieux Desert and Dick and Jack soon became known as the two leading guides in the area. Today, the sheer number of mounted trophy fish in the bait and tackle shops spread across Northern Wisconsin bearing the label “Guided by….” either Jack or Dick Lapp attests to their legendary guiding skills. 

History of Great Lakes, Northern Pike history

One such eye-catching mount can be found at Tadpole’s bait shop in Eagle River, Wisconsin, where a former world record tiger musky weighing in at 50 lbs, 4 ounces and measuring 56 inches long is on display. This monster was caught by Jack’s wife Dolores in July 1951 on a fishing trip Jack was guiding (see photo above).

This rich guiding tradition has been passed to the third generation and is now carried on by Gregg and Gail Mallick (shown left). Both are native to the Land O’ Lakes area and continue to lead hunting and fishing expeditions to the surrounding forests and lakes.

The distinguishing feature of Mallick Adventures Guide Service is Gregg and Gail’s widely recognized expertise in guiding outdoor trips combined with their use of top quality fishing gear.

This commitment to excellence carries over to their selection, training, and use of the finest kennel of bird dogs found in the Northwoods (shown right).  The combination of our long-standing family tradition, ever-growing experience, and superior quality equipment has allowed Mallick Adventures to offer our guests experiences that provide memories for a lifetime.


We would like to thank the Social Media and Marketing Practicum class at the College of Business, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, for their assistance in designing and maintaining our website and digital marketing program. We would like to thank Professor David J. Faulds for his continuing guidance in all stages of our digital marketing programs.

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